Cavity Preparation and Caries Removal

After eating, bacteria, food debris, acid and saliva combine in the mouth to form plaque. This substance sticks to the teeth. If this is not removed thoroughly, tooth decay will occur as the acids in plaque dissolve the enamel surface of the tooth creating cavities.

Traditionally the decayed portion of the tooth is removed using a high-speed drill. The cavity is then shaped to prepare it for a filling.

Our pulsed Erbium YAG laser can achieve drilling speeds faster than a conventional mechanical burr. Moreover because the ablative speed of the erbium laser is higher in carious tissue than healthy tissue, treatments can be more selective preserving more healthy tissue which means more conservative treatment and less damage to your teeth. In addition cavity surfaces that are prepared with the laser are cleaned and sterilized as the decayed tissue is removed. Only a Erbium YAG laser can achieve this simultaneously. Which means a significant reduction in the risk of bacterial contamination under the new fillings. Healthier and safer.