A Liver for Life

The liver is another important organ who can be adversely affected by what is happening in the oral cavity. The role of the liver in processing waste products makes it the main detoxification organ in the human body. This is accomplished by a two stage process involving complex biochemical reactions through 6 different pathways in the second stage and an enzymatic pathway in the first stage. Any imbalance between the two stages can impair the body's ability to detoxify.

Conventional liver function tests done at the local medical laboratory only assess the level of certain liver enzymes that become elevated when recent liver damage has occurred. It does not provide information on the degree of functionality of the various liver pathways. This is assessed using a test called a Liver Detox Profile.

Multiple factors can reduce the functionality of the various liver detox pathways. Toxins from bacterial and fungal infections, that can be found in the oral cavity, can have an adverse impact on the liver directly or indirectly. Heavy metals such as mercury from amalgam fillings can contribute to a gut flora dysbiosis which can also be a source of liver damaging toxins such as acetaldehyde and gliotoxin. The same gliotoxin can affect the immune system and allow viruses and other microbes to gain a foothold and attack the liver.

A healthy liver is central to good health and essential to detoxification. A poor rate of detoxication opens the doors for many health problems, including cancers. Dr. Jacques Imbeau can arrange for a liver assessment to determine your own situation.

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