Homotoxicology was founded in 1952 from Dr Reckeweg as an extension of classic Homeopathy. The word ‘Homotoxine’ means 'human poison' or 'human toxic substance'- from the Latin word homo = man and the Greek word tokson = poison.

Dr Reckeweg started with the principles of classical Homoeopathy as developed by Hahnemann, and integrated them with the new discoveries in biochemistry and embryology that had been made by the 1940’s. He defined ‘Homotoxins’ as substances that were harmful to the human body. ‘Homotoxones’ are substances within the body that bind with and neutralise homotoxins, preparing them for elimination from the body.

Today Homotoxicology is seen as a bridge between Homeopathy and conventional Medicine. In Homotoxicology, it is understood that diseases are caused by toxins. These toxins are seen to originate either outside the body (exotoxins) or within the body (endotoxins). Examples of exotoxins are bacteria, metals, such as mercury,  micro-organisms in the gut causing dysbiosis (often due to an unhealthy diet, hormone replacement therapy, antibiotics and heavy metals ), chronic yeast infections (Candida), chemical pollutants such as gas, diesel and petrol fumes , exposure to unhealthy electro-magnetic fields, pesticides, and undiagnosed bacterial (salmonella paratyphi), or protozoon (Giardia and amoeba) infections in the gut. Endotoxins are biologically derived, or result from post-traumatic cellular debris. They are generated by the body. Homotoxicology sees disease as the result of the body's attempt to heal itself. Toxins are either created in the human organism ( endogenous ) or are from external exposure ( exogenous ), and all the symptoms of illness are the result of defensive effort of the organism in order to eliminate the toxins. In other words, in Homotoxicology, virtually all symptoms of illness are regarded as a manifestation of the body’s attempts to rid itself of Homotoxins. In minor, self-limiting disorders, the body does this unaided.  In more serious situations, treatment is needed.  If the treatment used eliminates the Homotoxins, then real healing results and Dr. Reckeweg called this phenomenon ‘regressive vicariation.’ If the treatment suppresses the Homotoxins, however, (antibiotics, steroids; most drugs) then they go deeper into the tissues and manifest after a latent period as a more destructive disease.  This is called ‘progressive vicariation’, and may lead to chronic degenerative disease and, ultimately, to cancer. See the Disease Evolution Table| PDF File ( Adobe Acrobat Reader required ) for more information about the progression of disease over time when the causal factors are not addressed and only the symptoms are treated.

In general, Homotoxicological products are designed to facilitate the body's elimination of toxins. They do not suppress symptoms. Homotoxicology is a system of medicine that aims to induce regulation. It is known as ‘regulation therapy’.

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