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What is the Metabolic Programme ?

Our metabolic programme is a comprehensive therapeutic regimen designed to address blockages that impede the natural healing mechanisms inherent to the human body as well as providing support for organ systems that become dysfunctional when a disease process is present. Three key elements are required for general health as well as cellular health: nutrients ( good food ) - oxygen ( fresh air ) - functional Extra-Cellular Matrix ECM ( clean environment ). If one or more of these three key elements is adversely affected, it will have an impact on cellular health and eventually on organ function. Dysfunctional organs will in turn adversely impact on the body's natural ability to efficiently process and excrete metabolic wastes as well as xeno-toxins. These toxins will begin accumulating in the ECM and cause disruption in cellular activity eventually leading to a disease state and to signs and symptoms.

It is important to remember that signs and symptoms are not the real problem but rather manifestations of the body's attempts to deal with the cause. Frequently the suppression of symptoms by allopathic therapy, although apparently desirable, can interfere with the mechanisms used by your body to address the real cause(s) thus allowing the cause(s) to persists and even worsen over time. If this is done repeatedly, the natural healing mechanisms will gradually become dysfunctional and a sustained state of disease will exist due to the ongoing accumulation and retention of toxicants in the Extra-Cellular Matrix (ECM).

Click the link below to open the DISEASE EVOLUTION TABLE ( PDF file ) for more information about the relationship between diseases and signs and symptoms as toxicants begin to accumulate in the human body:

What do I need to begin the Metabolic Programme ?

The Metabolic Programme is a programme designed specifically for each person according to their specific situation and needs.

STEP 1: Complete clinical assessment including oral and general health. Various diagnostic tools are used, as required. Additional laboratory analysis may also be included depending on each individual situation.

STEP 2: Case presentation and discussion with the patient. This is done as part of the initial examination. Written documentation will be provided as required. The patient can then decide if he or she wishes to proceed to step 3 or seek another opinion if so desired..

STEP 3: Consultation to design a customised therapeutic program based on the previous clinical assessment. Part of the process involves the selection of specific remedies that are best suited to the individual patient ( we usually use a combination of nutriceuticals, herbals and homoeopathics ), the determination of a suitable posology, the evaluation of any existing medication or supplementation for compatibility with the required therapeutic regimen and dietary / lifestyle recommendations.

STEP 4: Implementation of the customised therapeutic programme. The programme is interactive and dynamic ( i.e it will be adjusted according to your own response ). The Metabolic Programme will usually include three phases:

A) Preparatory phase: Why is this preparatory phase important ? Click HERE to read more....

B) Dental Revision phase ( if there are any dental-oral components as is frequently the case ) and

C) Active Detoxification phase - ( not to be confused with passive detoxification )

The length of a customised Metabolic Programme will vary considerably from individual to individual depending on their particular situation and circumstances. As a general rule of thumb it will usually take 1 month of therapy for each year that a disease process has been present, keeping in mind that the presence of the disease process will precede the date of the diagnosis, if such a diagnosis has been made.

The Metabolic Programme is for individuals who seek to take responsibility for their health by re-connecting with their body and re-learning to understand its language so as to actively cooperate in healing and health recovery. See Trust your Body and Reconnect to its Healing Power. Thus the healing process also becomes a learning process on the journey to enlightenment and spiritual awareness.

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